2021 European Show and Wheel Contest in Mechelen, Belgium

The 4th ERSO Show Contest for show-style routines. A total of 17 shows were performed by participants from 6 European countries and judged by two juries, one according to “technical rules” and the other purely on show performance.  For the second time, the European Wheel Contest was hosted in addition to the Show Contest to give Chinese wheel teams of two a competition format. Results

1995 European Masters Championships in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

First European Masters – 45 participants from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and UK.French skippers visited the event and showed their way to jump Double Dutch. The other skippers were amazed but the French skippers had never jumped Single Rope so they were also impressed. After the Championships an Elite workshop took place for three days to educate the best skippers in Europe to be on Junior Staff. Skippers were evaluated and some were picked to be on Staff for Eu-Rope-Skip 1996. Results