2022 European Team and Masters Champions

We are pleased to provide you additional information about the upcoming European Championships from 24th to 31st July 2022 in Bratislava, Slovakia. An updated Event brochure is currently being prepared by our host »Slovak Rope Skipping Association« for more detailed information and will be available shortly. 

General Competition Information

The European Open Tournament will be hosted on 25th and 26th of July. Junior EC and Senior EC-Qualifier, for both team and individual, will be hosted from 27th to 29th of July. The EC-Finals will take place on 30th of July.


Date Competition Morning Afternoon
Individual 16+ & 30+
Team (all) 12–15
Team (all) 16+ & 30+
Individual 12 - 15
Team (female)
Team (male & open)
EC (Q)
Team (female)
Team (male & open)
EC (Q) & JEC
Individual 16+
Individual 12 - 15
Finals & Show

EOT = European Open Tournament, JEC = Junior European Championships, EC = European Championships, (Q) = Qualification Competition

Packages and ERSO Event Fees

Packages (Host)

For the EC the host offers three packages in 4* hotels: an EOT, an EC and a Full (EOT + EC) package. These packages will range from 380€ to 670€. Further information on package details and costs for additional options can be found in the Event flyer.

Important: The packages do not include the registration and competition fee!

Registration and Event Fees (ERSO)

Each person that needs to enter the competition and warm-up area (athletes and coaches) has to pay a registration fee of 15€. Additionally, for each event the athletes compete in an event fee has to be paid (those NGBs that participated in the IJRU Virtual World Championships already know this procedure). The pricing will be as followed:

Event Fee
EOT & JEC masters
8 €/discipline
EOT & JEC team
6 €/discipline/person
EC masters
10 €/discipline
EC team
Show competition
6 €/person

Random Drug Testing for Athletes

In this year’s EC, athletes will be tested on WADA prohibited substances. An information email with WADA ressources, useful additional resources as well as general information will be sent in the near future.