Upcoming Competitions

2023 European Show and Wheel Contest

November 24th–26th 2023 in Zeist, The Netherlands

The 5th edition of the European Show Contest takes place from the 24th to 26th of November. This editions host is The Netherlands. In the Show Contest the best show teams consisting of up to six athletes compete in a theater setting, convincing the judges both with Rope Skipping excellence and entertainment.


Future Competitions

2024 European Team and Masters Championship

Summer 2024

Are you interested in hosting the highest competition format for European Athletes in Rope Skipping / Jump Rope? We are open for applications to host the European Rope Skipping Team and Masters Championships for the summer of 2024. 

Host an ERSO Event

Interested in hosting a future ERSO Event? Bring the European Community of Rope Skipping / Jump Rope to your region in order to both develop the sport on our continent and your local club.

Past Events & Results

All of the past events organised by ERSO and hoste by our member countries in a timeline format. If you are interested in seeing who won at which competition, see the results attached to each competition event.