Upcoming Competitions

2022 European Team and Master Championships

24th - 31th July 2022 in Slovakia

We are excited to announce the location and date of the European Team and Masters Championships 2022:
Country: Slovakia 🇸🇰
Date: 24.7.- 31.7.2022
Mark your calendar now and get ready for European Championships 2022! More detailed information soon

2021 Show & Wheel Contest

4th & 5th December 2021 in Mechelen, Belgium

The next ERSO Show & Wheel Contest will take place beginning of December 2021 in Mechelen, Belgium. The top European Show Teams from each country get a frame to showcase our sport in a more entertaining, yet very high level format. On the second day, the battle style Wheel Contest is a unique competition for Chinese Pair Wheel Teams.

2022 European Team and Masters Championship

Summer 2022

The next European Rope Skipping Team and Masters Championships will take place in the summer of 2022 (the push forward from the biannual schedule was necessary due to the current pandemic). The highest competition format for European Athletes. We are accepting bids to host this event.

Host an ERSO Event

Interested in hosting a future ERSO Event? Bring the European Community of Rope Skipping / Jump Rope to your region in order to both develop the sport on our continent and your local club.

Past Events & Results

All of the past events organised by ERSO and hoste by our member countries in a timeline format. If you are interested in seeing who won at which competition, see the results attached to each competition event.