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Rulebook - European Championship

As IJRU Partner, the European Rope Skipping Championships (Team & Individual) in general follow the valid IJRU Rulebook. Some minor changes taking the requirements of a continental event into consideration are made and outlined in the ERSO Rulebook for European Championships. For quesions, please contact our rules committee representative.

ERSO rulebook modifications 2024

Rulebook - European Show Contest

Each team completes a routine to music demonstrating a variety of smoothly linked rope skipping elements. Each element should be choreographed with the music in mind and be performed by as many team members as possible. Teams strive to complete a polished, energetic and innovative performance that highlights an endless variety of entertaining and difficult rope skipping elements and skills.

European Show Contest Rules – Competition Manual – v1.0

European Show Contest Rules – Judging Manual – v1.0

Rulebook - European Wheels Contest

European Wheel Contest Rules – Judging and Competition Manual – v.1.0.0

For Judges

Judge Training Courses

In order judge at ERSO competition, you need to become an ERSO/IJRU qualified judge. For becoming a judge at European Championships , please sign up for the online training and exam of IJRU. For Show and Wheel Contest Judging, the courses and exams are held shortly before the respective competition.

If there is a need for a live judges course & exam in your country, please contact the ERSO rules committee.

For Athletes & Coaches

Speed Timing Tracks

The speed event timing tracks for European Ropes Skipping Championships are available for download on the IJRU website.