About ERSO

Europe's Continental Organisation for Rope Skipping / Jump Rope

The European Rope Skipping Organisation (ERSO) unites all National Rope Skipping Organisations (NRSOs) in Europe. Our goal is to keep our athletes, judges, coaches and member countries informed and further develop our fantastic sport together!

We see Rope Skipping as an activity that is a “fun to do game” for one, “serious business” for another, and “Sport” for the third. Please join us, and take a look at the sources and possibilities we are offering to anyone who is interested in jumping a rope!

The European Rope Skipping Organisation logo. it is an illustration of a globe with a person on jumping a rope that spans around the globe. Europe is highlighted on the globe. around the logo it says "European Rope Skipping Organisation"

Vision for Rope Skipping

As the European platform for the organised sport of rope skipping / jump rope in all its aspects, ERSO empowers our athletes with the recognition, support and opportunities to elevate to next levels.

Mission of ERSO

ERSO works to establish and develop rope skipping / jump rope in all European countries, support volunteers across Europe to work collaboratively towards advancing our sport and represent the European view on the international level within IJRU.

ERSO Official Affiliations

ERSO is affiliated to the International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) and the official European Representation for Rope Skipping/Jump Rope. 

Board of Directors

For contact information to our board members, see the overview of the board.


List of our member organisations (NGB, clubs) and how to become ERSO member.

Bylaws & Documents

Overview of our bylaws and other important documents regarding our organsation.